Accueil – La Page d’accueil

Centered around the art of clowning, the company Productions Éclats de Rire has been creating spectacular performances since 1992 that intertwine clowning arts with hilarious theatre, punctuated by acrobatic virtuosity and musical interludes.

Productions from the company:


Cirque Akya

The Circus Akya troupe invites you to share an extraordinary moment of celebration: colourful, accomplished artists present deft acrobatics and captivate the audience with theatrical clownesque performances.

Circus Morocco

Man/woman universes challenge each other in a voluptuous cabaret style circus show.

Avant de fermer le couvert

A tragi-comedy featuring a clown confronted with the fear of dying. A one-man show especially created for an adult audience, combining theatrical interpretation with the art of clowning.


Chocolat decides to express his profound convictions to the art of clowning and music in this theatrical performance for an adult audience.

The Tot’aime Family

Through comical situations and circus performances for and by the family, this show focuses on family and educational values.

Made-to-measure concepts

Innovative and ingenious circus performances and animations for special and corporate events.