LogoÉDRSitewebThe production company Éclats de Rire was founded in 1992 following the meeting of two highly talented Saltimbancos, Rodrigue “Chocolat” Tremblay, famous pioneer clown for the emergence of a new circus in Quebec, and Nicolette Hazewinkel, accomplished acrobat. Trained by European masters, both of them at that time already accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the arts industry and circus scene. Together, they were notably part of the Cirque du Soleil in 1986 and shared the adventure that was Cirque du Tonnerre, where Rodrigue supervised its artistic direction beginning in 1990. One year later, Rodrigue and Nicolette formed the duo Chocolat and Nicoletta, a contrary, yet complicit duo, for whom the circus arts and scene have become a lifestyle. Rodrigue and Nicolette soon decided to combine their respective talents to create Productions Éclats de Rire.
In addition to their highlight shows, Productions Éclats de Rire offer performances for a variety of events: from individual acts drawn from their productions to made-to-measure concepts and group animations.

For everyone’s greatest delight!

Since 2005, Éclats de Rire works closely with Bliksem, a company that supplies them with mobile circus structures (big tops, trailers and specialized equipment).

This collaboration enables show productions to take place in all of Quebec’s regions as well as outside the province, in collaboration with townships and local production agents.