Honoring Louis Cyr

VignetteAffiche-LouisCyrThe daily La Presse is already covering it and Alonzocirk has devoted a paper to the event!

Circus Akya will celebrate Louis Cyr and strong men June 22 and 23 in St-Cyprien-de-Napierville in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Louis Cyr.

Shows, animations and Circo-Circuit, our artists will be there to revive some great circus moments where you will admire the strength and agility of their acrobatic performances! And let’s not forget the touch of exuberance for which they are famous!

To liven up this event celebrating Louis Cyr, the troupe from Circus Akya will accompany you throughout the entire weekend and will have you sharing in some unforgettable circus moments (aerial hoop, acrobatic ladder, knife thrower, magic, contortion, equilibrium and so much more!)

Come and see greatly talented artists who will amaze you with their acrobatic feats and who will spice up the festivities with their clownish frenzy!

Join us for this highly prestigious celebration: everyone will be there to experience some great moments of pure and exceptional pleasure in a dynamic and interactive ambiance where good humour is at its best.

At the heart of our Circo-Circuit, the artists from Circus Akya will offer some workshops for the little ones as well as for the older crowd. You will also be able to become an artist for a day by giving our rola-bola a whirl, trying acrobatics, juggling and even, tight rope!

Don’t forget… one for all, and all for one… a unique feat of strength!

View the event’s programming.