La comédie médicale

La comédie médicale

Performers : Rodrigue Chocolat Tremblay and Nicolette Hazewinkel
Writer : Louis-Dominique Lavigne

Directed by Louis-Dominique Lavigne and Roch Jutras

« The Medical Comedy » is a hilarious and emotionally appealing theatrical clowning production. The show provides a reflection on the turmoil of life and how it leaves its mark on mind, body and soul, but where humour and love ultimately succeed.

A show full of comedy and parody, with conjuring, slapstick, acrobatics and musical props

You will cry with laughter and heartache as circus artists Nicoletta and Chocolat perform this classic tragic comedy with a modern twist. We are happy to offer you a first taste of this show which will be available for touring from fall 2019.

Duration: 75 minutes

Recommended age: Adults, 12 years and older

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La clinique médicale