Circus Morocco

Maroc-tnCreated in 2008 by Productions Éclats de Rire, Circus Morocco transports us in a setting of carnivals and fairs straight from the 30’s. Since its first presentation at the Carnivàle Lune Bleue in Ottawa, over 30,000 spectators have been delighted by this troupe of internationally renowned circus artists.

More than just a circus show, Circus Morocco showcases two worlds that oppose one another: the man’s universe and the woman’s. Men from the 30’s (two amazing clowns!) find themselves unconsciously trapped within the nets of a modern circus troupe exclusively comprised of women. Combining sensuality with a hint of daring courage, women conquer through their strength and agility in the midst of perilous acrobatics, while men charm through their comical adventures.

Duration : 70 minutes

Audience: Adults


Vidéo Cirque Maroc