Everyone is, at one time or another, confronted with choices that they must make and for which they need to take responsibility.

A clownish theatre show for adults, Maestro relates in a sensible and humoristic way, the history of the great upheaval in the clown Chocolat’s daily life, when he decides to speak of his profound artistic convictions and to practice his art exactly as he sees it reflected deep inside of him.

For his great comeback on stage, Rodrigue “Chocolat” Tremblay delivers a solo that is very much his own in all the right ways.
The artist digs into his career and his life experiences to relate how a clown, who has progressively drifted from his veritable calling in spite of himself, dares to make the decision to “do” clowning, just like he has always imagined. Chocolat has always dreamed of being a musician? Well, let the music be heard!
He invites the audience into his home, traveling through a show that will keep resounding within each of you.

« Maestro est une proposition étonnante, à la fois théâtrale et musicale, sur la vie de clown (…) [Chocolat] y joue de nombreux instruments de musique inventés, une des belles trouvailles de Maestro. »

Jean SIAG, La Presse Montréal, february 13th 2013

Duration : 70 minutes
Audience : from 12 years old


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Photos and videos by
Ariel Borremans, Georges Dutil, Gaétan Brunelle, Angelo Barsetti, Dominique Chartrand, Pierre Crépo, Yvanho Demers, Bruce Roberts.

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